Welcome to the CT Aero Tech School for Aviation Maintenance Technicians, an extension campus of Bristol Technical Education Center. As a part of the Connecticut Technical Education and Career System, we offer exceptional training programs for adult learners in the Aviation Maintenance Technology Fields. Our schools are approved Aircraft Maintenance Technician Schools by FAA under CFR 14 part 147 (CT Aero # EM9T117R, Stratford Schools for Aviation Maintenance Technicians # TF5T221N).

CT Aero Tech School for Aviation Maintenance Technicians is a venture into the actual world of aviation where the student will:

  • Study in a facility equipped for practical hands-on training.
  • Be exposed to a variety of theory and shop classes: metalwork, woodwork, welding, hydraulics, electrical, electronics, painting and engine overhaul.
  • Become proficient in approximately 50 skilled trade areas.
  • Learn to interpret FAA regulations and manufacturer’s technical specifications.

The Aviation Maintenance curriculum provides training that enables the student to develop operative skills that prepare them to test for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exams.

Aviation maintenance technician is a career in demand according to the Connecticut Department of Labor, with salary ranges between $52,000 – $104,000. Graduates from this program may obtain jobs as airport mechanics, aircraft mechanics, technicians for aircraft and power plant companies, and much more.

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Connecticut Aero Tech School
          Hartford, CT

Stratford School for Aviation Maintenance
          Stratford, CT